The point at which individuals leave prison and return into the community places them at increased risk of being vulnerably housed or homeless. People who have come into contact with the criminal justice system are more likely to experience homelessness, with 33% of people found rough sleeping in London having been in prison at some point.”

 source Rough Sleeping in London (CHAIN Reports) 

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Leaving prison can be a confusing and difficult time for many people. Many will have suffered a relationship breakdown,  or be unable to return to their previous address either as a licence condition or through risk of return to previous offending behaviours due to their environment and association with others. 

Bail hostels are often reported as being difficult places for many being released, where the risk of drug use and / or violent behavior are frequently present.

Yellow Ribbon recognises the importance of a safe and stable environment from which our clients can begin the journey back to a place in society.

We have a number of properties in Shrewsbury, Telford and Walsall, providing accommodation at present for 37 people either in shared housing or independent flats. 

We also have links to private landlords and are able to assist clients in moving on to a property of their own.

Our clients are quick to confirm that living in one of the Yellow Ribbon properties has given them the start they need to rebuild their lives.