Building Better Opportunities

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BBO is a programme which supports local projects and organisations to tackle the root causes of poverty, promoting social inclusion and driving local jobs and growth. It aims to help the most disadvantaged in our community. This project is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund until 2022.

The five key areas of Building Better Opportunities are:

* Help the most disadvantaged
* Tackle social exclusion
* Be focused on the capabilities of each individual
* Lead to better coordinated services
* Create new opportunities for work.

BBO supports the Yellow Ribbon Community Chaplaincy in its work helping ex offenders coming out or prison or homeless people with criminal records.

Yellow Ribbon accommodates clients in 1 of our 11 houses and supports them with counselling, group therapy and day to day living to help them rebuild their lives with the aim to give them hope and a purpose in life. We currently have around 32 clients working through the project with 28 clients currently in our houses.

The Charity was founded by the notion of the desperate need of individuals, especially ex offenders coming out of prison that get stuck in a vicious cycle or drugs, alcohol and poor mental health. Our aim is to do to break this cycle and help them move forward.

Yellow Ribbon Community Chaplaincy aim to help our clients gain work experience and learn new skills in our facilities program working on our houses and community projects around the area. This might be painting and decorating, gardening, house clearance or minor maintenance repairs to plumbing issues and domestic appliances. We also have a cafe team and a woodshop team. This helps our clients to improve confidence, gives purpose and fulfilment, helps develop well being through 1 to 1 work and giving clients a sense of achievement. We also have group sessions and group therapy sessions to encourage community within the houses and our office space at Meeting Point House. This helps with skills in relationship building and communication.

We currently run the program for up to 12 people at a time but our clients are at different stages and the program is tailored to fit the individual’s personal, mental and physical skills and abilities. Clients signed up on the BBO scheme are not however limited to working only in our own projects, and are encouraged to seek additional support and wider participation options with other BBO partners – (see the BBO website for further details of the wide range of projects supported by BBO).

Our strap line is “Prison to Purpose” and this is what we do. For someone to have purpose in there lives and a sense of belonging is what we need to succeed.