Early Release From Prison

Early Release From Prison

Inmates could be freed to ease virus pressure on jails

BBC news is reporting that

“The government is considering releasing some offenders from prisons in England and Wales to ease pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.”

BBC News –

And goes on to say :

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said the virus poses an “acute” risk in prisons, many of which are overcrowded.

Some 3,500 prison staff – about 10% of the workforce – were off work on Tuesday because they were ill or self-isolating, a committee of MPs was told.

Mr Buckland said releasing some inmates could help to “alleviate” pressures.

The justice secretary told the Commons justice committee he was “keen” to make use of release on temporary licence – where prisoners are let out for short periods, after a risk assessment.

BBC News –

Yellow Ribbon will be working closely with resettlement teams and the probation service to assist with finding accommodation and support for as many new client releases as we can.