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While in prison some prisoners will have had the chance to take part in specialist training workshops where they learn new skills such as customer service, office skills, electrical and mechanical assembly, construction, plastering,  joinery, contract cleaning services, catering and even barista coffee making.

All of these may significantly improve chances of gaining employment upon release, but sadly not everyone will have had these opportunities. Even for those that have – getting a job when leaving prison is not always easy.   Yet it is widely recognised as one of the most important factors in the process of returning to a stable and productive life beyond prison.

Here at Yellow Ribbon, we have a range of projects which address these issues, providing training opportunities and work experience as part of the returning to work process. 

We also work in partnership with BBO Shropshire to look at all of our clients skills and experience and use this to create a personal employment plan which will help those released from prison to identify areas where they can upskill, to improve their qualifications and CV, to gain work experience, to apply for jobs and to gain suitable employment.

If you are an employer and would consider volunteer work placements / internships or are in a position to offer full time employment to our clients we would like to hear from you.


You can learn more and offer your support via our “get involvedpage.