Gov.UK launches new ‘Life Chances’ blog.

Gov.UK launches new ‘Life Chances’ blog.

Going Forward into Employment (GFiE) is a government wide scheme aimed at providing life chances people through the provision of opportunities in the civil service.

A new based blog site has started today, dedicated to increasing both awareness of the problems faced by ex-offenders upon release, and to help some of them into employment through civil service posts.

The site gives a stark insight into just how few people go on to find employment :

“Imagine leaving prison, determined to get a job and support yourself and your family, only to find that almost every job application asks about your criminal record. You keep applying, but you keep getting rejected – if you hear back at all. This is the all too familiar story of the 70,000 people released from prison every year. Just 17% of them are in PAYE employment after 12 months.”

GFiE blog –

And the site goes on to say :

“It’s not easy for employers to make changes either, which is why it’s so important that the public sector sets a good example. The Going Forward into Employment scheme improves life chances for people leaving prison, as well as veterans and their spouses, through employment in the Civil Service. Starting in the North West of England, the programme has now expanded across the country opening up opportunities for more people along the way.”

GFiE blog –

We will be keeping a close eye on this project and seeing how it relates to our clients here at Yellow Ribbon.

If you are an employer and would be willing to help us find either part time or full time work placements for our clients, please drop us a line.

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