Halfway House

Yellow Ribbon is a Telford & Shropshire charity serving those who want to put their past behind them and look to a new future. Some months ago Yellow Ribbon put together a bid, working with Jenny Joy and the Halfway House on the Wrekin CIC, as a 10 year old charity we were in a good position to put in a capital bid to purchase the Halfway House. At the time there was already a cash buyer in place, but subsequently this sale fell through.

Yellow Ribbon then made an approach to buy Halfway House. The owner was delighted to be able to sell his property knowing that it would be put to good use in the community.

Social investors have stood by us so that we could make a sound offer and this has been accepted, the property has now been sold ‘subject to contract’.

Yellow Ribbon has experience of running a cafe, providing accommodation, construction skills and furniture restoration work. We are looking to put all these skills into action at Halfway House and enable this to be a real community operation.

We believe that the Wrekin and surroundings is a place of inspiration and transformation and we want this to be available to all members of the community. It would be a place of hospitality and welcome as well as providing focused support around wellbeing and wholeness. Working with local schools, we are keen to explore their aspiration and potential. Physical activity also builds confidence and health in a natural environment.

To help us obtain capital funding we need your help by responding to a questionnaire or making a donation.

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We are a Christian charity supporting ex-offenders on release from prison in the West Midlands.