Mental Health Week : Running to Make a difference.

Mental Health Week : Running to Make a difference.

Team members from Yellow Ribbon will soon be running a Marathon in support of the Samaritans and mental health.

As commented in other recent news items – this has been mental health awareness week, and here at Yellow Ribbon mental health something we take very seriously. So much so, we felt we should help to support it more widely.


Well, its a shocking fact, but the national office of statistics reports that male prisoners are around 4 times more likely to take their own life whilst in custody than national average.

Self harm, depression and anxiety are still massive problems within the prison system (especially now under the current Coronavirus regime).

For many these problems do not just go away when they walk through the gate. Their problems are really only just beginning when they re-enter society due to negative public perceptions, difficulties in finding work, securing housing, building trust and support networks and generally in adjusting to what is now a very different world.

Here at Yellow Ribbon one of our most fundamental goals is building hope, providing support, and saving lives. It is what we do, day in, day out. And there is always some hope to be found. Even in the darkest places there is always room for hope when the light of faith, friendship and support shows the way.

So why the Samaritans?

Well, most people will be aware of the work the Samaritans do in the community, but few will be aware of the “Listener” scheme that exists within the prison system.

a listener lives here

Listeners” are inmate-volunteers who have received special training whilst in prison – provided by the Samaritans. Every UK prison will usually have a group of them who give up their time to listen, to understand and to be the light in the dark, supporting other inmates through crisis, through the difficult first nights, through family break up, through bereavement, through all the things that can seem overwhelming and lead to the downward spiral that can have a tragic outcome.

Quite honestly a number of our guys might perhaps not be here right now if it wasn’t for the work of other inmates trained by the Samaritans as Listeners whilst in prison.

Listeners save lives!

So, we at YR are very proud to have a chance to support the Samaritans and have entered a team for the upcoming Samarathon which takes place during the month of July.

Obviously with current Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing rules, road based marathons are currently cancelled. But Samarathon allows team members to clock up miles at home in their gardens, around local parks and hills, or just about anywhere – on their own, at their own pace and at a time which suits them.

You can find our team page here and see current stats for each of the team members (all zero at time of writing as event does not begin until 1st of July – which gives us at least a little training time!)

Should you share our passion for mental health and supporting the people on the front line of suicide prevention – please consider sponsoring us in our efforts to support the Samaritans.