Prisons in England and Wales on ‘immediate lockdown’

Prisons in England and Wales on ‘immediate lockdown’

ITV news reports that Prisons in England and Wales on ‘immediate lockdown’ following latest coronavirus measures.

The report comments :

“Prisons in England and Wales have been put on “immediate lockdown” with all visits cancelled.

The Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service said the measure was to “ensure the safe and secure functioning of our prisons, while enforcing social distancing.”

It follows theĀ Government’s strengthening of stay-at-home measures, announced in an address to the nation by the Prime Minister on Monday night.

HMP Birmingham, HMP High Down, HMP Manchester, and HMP Oakwood all have one confirmed case of coronavirus.”

ITV News

Both HMP Birmingham and HMP Oakwood are two of frequently visited prisons as part of our chaplaincy and through-the-gate schemes.

It present it is unclear exactly what the full implications of this will be, but we at Yellow Ribbon have a series of contingency plans ready to put into place to ensure we continue to support those still in prison, those being released, and the clients we have in our community based houses – in whatever way we can which meets the current government guidelines.