Request for donations of essential items for new housemembers.

Request for donations of essential items for new housemembers.

People often ask how they can help Yellow Ribbon with our work, and the answer is that really there are a number of ways. We list just a few in our ‘Get Involved‘ section. But right now what we are really short of is:

  • Bath towels
  • Single and double bedding

(Any plain colours would be ideal)

If you have any that you can donate please drop us an email to We can arrange collection as our offices are currently closed due to the lockdown.

If you are in a position to offer us food parcels or have any left over produce that would go to waste the guys in our houses would certainly welcome them. For most of the guys we support there will be a number of weeks between their leaving prison and first payment of any benefits. Many leave prison with nothing. The smallest things mean so much to them.

We would also welcome donations of:

  • Tidy mens clothing and shoes.
  • Toiletries etc.
  • Mobile phones (working with charger) – essential to stay in touch with us and probation services etc
  • Old Laptops (as long as working with charger – we can re-purpose for education / training courses and use for benefit claims )

We really are so very grateful for any of your donations. We receive no state funding, with all of our costs coming from charitable support and grants.

The 37 guys we house and support right now would not be there without the kindness of everyone who contributes in the ways that they do.

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