At Yellow Ribbon we take safeguarding very seriously and as such we acknowledge the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk (also referred to as vulnerable adults). 

We are committed to ensuring that the behaviours and safeguarding practice of those working in Yellow Ribbon reflect statutory responsibilities and government guidance and complies with best practice guidance and the Yellow Ribbon Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. We are a wholly value-driven organisation.  We expect all of our staff and volunteers UK to demonstrate respect for the worth in all people and to share our commitment, in all aspects of their lives, to protecting and championing the vulnerable and at risk. 

Yellow Ribbon as an organisation believes that all of our staff and volunteers should demonstrate the capacity to build and sustain professional boundaries and appropriate relationships with those at risk. This is essential in order to promote a safer working environment which will safeguard both participants and those working with them.  We understand that many of those we work with may be a risk to the community and we have a responsibility to minimise that risk and to supervise our clients.  To do this we ensure that we are in regular contact with the Authorities, including the Police and Probation services and where necessary we work with community and faith groups to put safeguarding contracts in place in order that our clients can be safely involved in local groups and communities.

All staff are required to undertake Safeguarding training.

Our designated safeguarding lead is Paul Bell any concerns, questions or disclosures can be made to him at

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We are a Christian charity supporting ex-offenders on release from prison in the West Midlands.