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Ex-offenders can face a complex set of barriers to returning to a stable and productive place in the community. These can sometimes seem daunting or even overwhelming.

Yellow Ribbon works with ex-offenders upon release, (and often shortly prior to) assessing the support each individual needs and putting together a suitable support plan which ensures the best possible chance of succeeding in reaching their goals with breaking the cycles of criminality and other negative behaviours.


In 2013 the Ministry of Justice published a report entitled: Transforming Rehabilitation: a summary of evidence on reducing reoffending


It identified the following as some of the major causes of re-offence:

  • Drug misuse
  • Alcohol misuse 
  • Impulsivity or low self-control 
  • Attitudes that support crime 
  • Poor support networks 
  • Lack of/poor family and intimate relationships 
  • Lack of employment
  • Lack of Suitable accommodation 
  • Mental Health Issues



And identified the following as factors significantly contributing to the reduction of re-offence:

  • Family and relationships 
  • Sobriety 
  • Employment 
  • Hope and motivation 
  • Having something to give to others 
  • Having a place within a social group 
  • Not having a criminal identity
  • Being believed in

At Yellow Ribbon we recognise the importance of all of these factors and provide active support and mentorship.

We have in-house counselling and support services for mental health combined with mentorship and befriending, and work with a large number of partner agencies who can provide additional specialist support with issues such as substance misuse and alcohol recovery.

We also ensure that clients are supported with things that others may just take for granted – such as help understanding forms, making benefit claims and coping with day to day life.