Ben was first introduced to YR in July 2014. After that brief meeting, Ben wrote to YR, told his story, and asked if we could help him.  Ben was subsequently visited in prison and then met him on his release. Ben was sentenced for Domestic Violence against his partner and there is also a restraining order against Ben visiting his partner and family. Ben and his partner have children together and Ben desperately wants to have contact with them.


On release from prison, YR found shared accommodation. YR also provided bedding and organised a food parcel and toiletries.


Ben signed up for some voluntary work, painting and decorating at a Community Centre. Ben soon began painting the very old, run down place and making good the garden areas. Ben worked well and everyone was pleased with his work.


Following a conversation about the decline of the shared property where Ben was living, fights breaking out and substance misuse, YR introduced Ben to another charity and Ben was re-housed. Ben did some volunteer work for the charity and was promised a ‘move-on’ into his own one-bed flat when one became available. Ben now has a spacious one-bed flat. YR helped furnish the flat, with some help from Telford Crisis Centre. The first utility credits were also supplied to the flat. Having his own flat will allow Ben the space to have his children when the time for access is granted.


Ben feels he was in a vicious cycle, of police, social workers, court and prison, none of which would allow him to move on with his life. Ben wants contact with his children and yet all systems seem to be against that happening. YR explained to the social worker connected to the family that Ben’s partner has invited herself and the children, over to his home on several occasions. YR are now working with Ben’s social worker to progress his side of the story.

Health & Wellbeing

Ben has signed up for an Anger Management Course and for a Child Nurturing Course, both currently pending. Ben has also undergone physiological tests as a result of his depression, caused chiefly as a result of his problems.

Thanks and Appreciation

Recently Ben has texted his mentor  “thank you so much for being my angel, I really appreciate all that you have done”.



Fred was introduced to YR in July 2014, released September 2014, and met a mentor at the gate. Fred’s history was substance misuse and alcohol.


Shared accommodation was found and YR supplied bedding and organised food & toiletries via the Food Bank. Fred was very keen to make the property homely so YR provided a sofa and other bits of furnishings to help achieve this.


Fred wanted employment and to enable this process YR provided a birth certificate, help with a CV, a pair of working boots and some lunch food items. YR also facilitated a lift to the Employment Agency were Fred was given employment. Fred started working as a van driver’s assistant. Working for an agency can bring its own financial difficulties, as work is not always regular. During down times YR funded some utility money and food parcel to help. Fred is still intent on working and has an excellent work ethos.


YR provided a sturdy mountain bike to enable Fred to get to work and around more easily.

Family Support

Fred also needed support to gain access rights for his daughter, who lives with her mother in South Wales. In November Fred was served a court summons to attend Family Court, only 48 hours before the appointment. YR funded a £62 train fare to South Wales, with some food expenses, to enable Fred to appear at court.  YR also provided a letter in support of Fred to the court. The judge was impressed with Fred and his testimony that he was clean of drugs and currently working. The case was adjourned for more background information.

A later court date meant that Fred was still not financially able to attend, due to lack of money for train fare. However, a phone call to the judge from Fred himself saw him being granted access rights to his daughter when needed. Fred was very happy with this result, he was able to stay ‘cool headed and coherent’, stating his case to the judge very well indeed. The judge was impressed sufficiently to allow Fred access rights to his daughter.


Fred seems to have a brighter, more stable future and is looking forward to steady employment and his own flat sometime soon. Fred is grateful for the help and support YR has provided.



Archi  was referred to YR via Aquarius, in February 2015. Archi had been living in a shed in Oswestry and impressed us by committing to alcohol counselling from a rough sleeping situation. Archi had a beloved dog which to him represents his family and allows him to feel responsible and loved. Archi dearly wanted the dog to be a part of his life but was unable to do this in his current situation. A friend had taken the dog in whilst Archi was NFA.

Archi had been in prison on a short sentence, for being drunk and disorderly and fighting. On release, he had found himself with NFA and had settled to a life in a shed.


After risk assessment completion, YR took Archi on and found shared accommodation. YR also organised a food and toiletries parcel with the food bank.  Archi’s shared accommodation was meant to be a temporary solution to  homelessness whilst we got to know him. After some weeks  Archi was introduced to another charity who found  a 1-bed flat for Archi and his beloved dog.


Archi was mentor matched with  a peer mentor, with a similar background of alcohol and substance misuse, Archi is now doing very well indeed and in employment.

Health & Wellbeing

Archi continues with alcohol counselling and is proud of the fact that he has not felt the need to drink in several months.


YR will continue to support Archi and he is definitely looking forward to a brighter future.


*All Images and names have been changed to protect the identities of the clients from Yellow Ribbon.