Working closer with TACT

Working closer with TACT

We have some exciting news about a new project working with our Partners at TACT in Wellington. We will be converting an old garage into an workshop and facilities room and operate all of our projects from there.

We are excited to be working closer with TACT as we are both in the business to aid our service users in there recovery and can lean on each other to do just that.

Telford After Care Team (TACT) C.I.C. was founded in 2012 by Robert Eyers who himself endured 20 years of addiction. During his recovery Rob became aware of the lack of support available for service users in Telford like himself. 

Rob set up TACT initially on a voluntary basis with a small amount of funding to help run a SMART Recovery Group and a Gardening Group. This provided people in recovery an option to do something new and prevent them from returning to their old lives.

The main aim of TACT is to assist people in recovery from using drugs or alcohol. This is achieved by improving the health and welbeing of its service users; empowering people to lead productive and fulfilling lives so that they can once again be valued members of the community.

We will bring you more info and updates about this as the project unfolds.