Yellow Ribbon Laptop Usage Policy

You are using a managed laptop provided by Yellow Ribbon Community Chaplaincy.

Please read carefully – In continuing to use this device you agree to the following conditions:

  • The laptop will remain in shared space within the house ie: in the lounge or other shared area. You will not use it in your own rooms.
  • That you should be considerate in your use, and make sure that all house members have a fair level of access.
  • You accept that ALL usage is monitored and remotely logged to a central server, and that this is uniquely identified to you as a user.
  • Yellow Ribbon has an arrangement for sharing access to all log files with both the Probation Service and West Mercia Police, who will act accordingly if any misuse is suspected.
  • You accept that the laptop system log files and browser histories WILL be inspected (where needed remotely) at any time.
  • You will not allow other users to use the laptop with your login.
  • Will not use the laptop to browse / view / download / create and material which is offensive / illegal / subject to copyright. (this includes video streaming, music and video downloads, file downloading etc).
  • You will not use online gambling sites.
  • You will not attempt to modify any settings / install any additional software.
  • You will be expected to take part in pre-arranged video link house meetings. Failure to be present for these will be treated in the same way as not being present for a normal house meeting.
  • All laptops are uniquely marked and trackable globally. If they leave the house to which they are assigned a tracking alert will be raised.
  • If you have specific licence / SHPO conditions which prohibit your use of the internet you will use the device only for the purpose of calendar checks and for pre-arranged video links to Yellow Ribbon Staff and make your offender managers aware of this use.

Failure to observe any of the above will result in the laptop being removed from the house, and is grounds for instant eviction – as misuse jeopardises the safety and freedom of all house members.