Yellow Ribbon re-purposes old technology to help clients stay in touch.

Yellow Ribbon re-purposes old technology to help clients stay in touch.

The team here at Yellow Ribbon have been working hard to ensure that we maintain a high level of support for our clients during the Covid-19 Lockdown period. Our latest response to the challenge has been the re-purposing of donated out-dated IT equipment to bring high-quality video calling to our houses.

Many of us have grown used to the idea of video calls and remote working as part of our daily lives now, and over the last few weeks the IT department here at YR have been working to roll out our own secure version of this technology to our client houses.

We at Yellow Ribbon are very conscious of the effect we have on our world through over consumption and hate things going to waste. We believe very much in recycling, reuse and re-purposing of as many things as possible and IT equipment is no exception.

We have been working on developing a method of using some of the older (obsolete windows 7 spec) laptops which we have had donated as a secure video conferencing platform which allows the team here to make frequent calls to the houses to ensure client wellbeing and to make sure that social distancing doesn’t feel like solitary confinement.

Initial tests have been very positive and we hope to complete rolling out this technology to our few remaining houses over the near future.

We are committed to helping and supporting our clients through this difficult time and welcome the extra level of contact that this project brings.

We plan to conduct an online-faith-meeting this Sunday across the houses currently operational and to expand the use of this facility for additional support groups, counselling and house meeting sessions.

If you have an old laptop, PC or mobile phone that you no longer use we at YR would welcome it as a donation. We can always use them to help clients stay in touch with their probation, support group and benefit claims. And as a learning resource in our “Recovery Academy” project.